What About Audio?

The original tagline of this blog was “Sound + Beer – What a Happy Place!”

Whilst I still believe this to be true (and live my daily life largely in pursuit of this maxim), I recently realized that in the seven months I’ve been maintaining this blog, I have authored exactly one post about audio, and even it contained a strong beer-related B-theme.

It’s certainly not that audio isn’t important to me, or that I don’t spend a good percentage of my day thinking about and working on audio.  Perhaps I’m hesitant to write posts about working on a television show days or weeks before it airs (I believe this to be quite wise).  And once it does air, long after it leaves my hands, any urge to write about it is typically  gone.   Maybe I prefer to leave my work (audio) at work and focus on my not-work (beer) while I’m at not-work.Good Beer Sign

Whatever the reason, I’ve concluded that I’m going to drop the pretext that this blog will ever include posts that are strictly audio-related.  For info about my audio life, you can always still check out my main website, www.ripleyaudiopost.com.  Otherwise, as far as this blog is concerned: onward with beer and brewing.