Intro to The Ripley Blog

My name is Greg, and I’m the primary author of The Ripley Blog.  Welcome!

By day, I’m an audio post-production engineer at CBS network TV in New York City, where I keep the world’s audio safe for consumption by televisions everywhere.

By night, I’m a homebrewer (meaning I make beer in my backyard, kitchen, and several closets) and avid consumer of beer, both home-made and store-bought.

This blog will be a spot for me to promote both of these interests, plus whatever else crosses my mind.  I’m now focusing this blog solely on beer.  See the “What About Audio?” page for more details.

For more info about my day job, please visit

To learn more about my wonderful alcoholic hobby, start at, or simply stay tuned!

Finally, new contributors are always welcome.  If you’d like joint The Ripley Blog as an author, email me!



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